Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello World

Well I've been looking for an outlet for sometime but I doubt anyone wants to hear me rant about how my life sucks so I'm going to try to keep this music focused. The following is just some music related conversations and stories that I have made me rage (some harder then others). Enjoy.

*put "39/Smooth" in car cd player*
Person: What band is this?!
Me: Green Day
Person: What?! No it can't be!
Me: Yeah it is, this is their first album
Person: What?! No it's not! This is not American Idiot!

*walking out of the chance after the Sonata Arctica / DragonForce show*
Me: Yeah they're not as bad live as I heard stories about.
Person: DUDE THEY ARE EPIC! Who was that band that opened for them though?
Me:...You mean Sonata Arctica? *points to shirt I'm wearing*
Person: Oh yeah, they weren't bad. They kind of stole DragonForce's sound though.

*playing the new Converge album on my stereo*
Person: *walks in and is looking around the room*what's that noise? Do you hear it?
Me: Which noise?
Person: The one playing right now.

*sitting at a table Purple Haze starts to play from somewhere*
Person: *starts to sing along quite badly* 'scuse me while I kiss this guy.
Me:...Um that's not how that line goes
Person: What?! Yes it is!
Me: No it's not. It's supposed to be " 'scuse me while I kiss the sky".
Person: What?! That makes no sense! and that's not how Pink Floyd wrote it!

*In line at the bookstore*
Person: *looks at my Nirvana shirt* Nice shirt!
Me:...thanks? You like Nirvana too?
Person: Yeah!
Me:What's your favorite song?
Person: The one he sings in Moulin Rouge! He was sooo cute in that movie!

*Hanging out with someone a while ago*
Me: Can I borrow your iPod for a little? I left mine I home.
Person: Sure if you let me check my email on your computer.
Me: Go ahead *takes iPod. Starts looking through artists*
Me: You have a lot of Japanese stuff...
Person: yeah i do
Me: *scrolls down to Led Zeppelin* Score! *looks in folder,
only one song: "Another Brick In The Wall"*

*Talking with a person*
Me: So what kind of music do you like?
Person: I listen to everything except rap and country but I've
been listening to a lot of metal recently.
Me: Sweet, I listen to a lot of metal too. What are some of your favorite metal bands?
Person: Disturbed, Slipknot and um, Nickelback!

*Kid walks in wearing an ICP shirt*

*Freebird starts playing on radio*
Person: Who is this?
Me: Lynard Skynard
Person: Oh really? I don't think I've heard this one.
Me: Really? This is Freebird, it gets played a lot.
Person: Oh it is?! I couldn't tell, I usually just skip to the guitar solo on that one anyway.

*Looks at a person's music collection*
Me: Boston, sweet *click on folder, only "Foreplay/Longtime"*
Me: You just have this song by them?
Person: Well that's all I have by them on this computer.
Me: Ok. *opens David Bowie folder, only "Suffragette City"
Me: Oh come, David Bowie is great and you only have that one song?
Person: uh I think I've got more on my other computer.
Me: Ok. *opens Coheed And Cambria folder, only "Welcome Home"*
Me: (starting to see a pattern), how can you only have that one song?! Coheed is awesome!
Person: Um I might have left it on my other computer.
Me:*check album art work in ID3 tag, see "Rock Band Soundtrack" cover instead of actual cover*

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