Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fu Manchu - Signs of Infinite Power

This is the tenth album by the Stoner Rock kings Fu Manchu and one of the better albums of this year. Fu Manchu stays loyal to their fuzzed-out van-shaking bass-heavy sound with this release and it does not disappoint. For a band that's been around for over 20 years it's good to see these guys still stay loyal to their proved riff-based formula and still manage to make it sound good. My only complaint about this album is that it clocks in at just 35 minutes, which to me is a little on the short side. The shorter length does make it more accessible to listen to in it's entirety however which could be a ploy to capture the fans that just listen to singles. This is a solid release in what has been a kind of mundane year in music and is worth checking out.

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  1. Fu Manchu - Signs of Infinite Power